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Adoption of Despé

Today we had another great adoption. Yes although they are few and far between at the moment, at least we have something to smile about from time to time.

Despé arrived at the refuge when he was just a baby. He was adopted by someone who promised the earth, but who brought Despé back when he was just under a year old. By then he was much bigger, less cute, and hence far more difficult to rehome. Especially as training him had not been high on his owner’s agenda. Grrr.

Luckily, Despé is a sociable lad, and so even though he is strong on the lead, he has enjoyed sharing his bex and playing in the park with other dogs. And today, after almost four months, his turn came again.

His new owners visited the refuge earlier in the week, but returned today to spend more time with him. Today’s visit confirmed their choice, and they went off to buy all the necessary supplies (lead, harness etc). Despé went for a final play with his kennelmate but was not at all surprised when he was then taken out of his box to rejoin his new family. Yes, he understood exactly what was going on, and he looked extremely pleased with himself.

Many thanks to his new family, and we look forward to news and photos.

big shepherd cross


The ScPA is short of timmed dog food, by the way, so if you live locally and would like to pop a couple of tins in, the dogs would be very grateful.

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