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Adoption of Diego and Adés

Well, last night’s attempt to pull everyone’s heartstrings seems to have worked, as today Diego left for his new home. Strangely that leaves Fidji, the first puppy to be reserved, as the last one to leave. Still, not to worry, this time tomorrow she will be with her new family, and the SPA will be a puppy-free zone. At least we hope so!

black pup in woman's arms


We also said goodbye today to little Adés. This lad arrived four weeks ago, already identified. When his owner was contacted he seemed happy to know that this little French bulldog cross was safe and well, however he never came to collect him. Sigh. This is one reason why, even if by some miracle the arrival of unwanted puppies stopped, there would always be dogs at the SPA! Still, one person’s loss is another’s gain, and today after being castrated, Adés left for a lovely new home.

French bulldog cross


Luckily there are people who actively look for their dogs; Gin and Tonic, as we called them, arrived non-identified a couple of days ago, unidentified. However their owner put notifications online (on the excellent site Pet Alert 11) looking for his dogs, and eagle-eyed Carole was able to let the worried owner that his dogs were safe and well at the SPA. They left today, and needless to say both are now identified.

Gin and Tonic – ADOPTED

One adoption is certain tomorrow, but who knows, perhaps there will be others!

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