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Adoption of Diego (take 2) and of Kris

When Diego left last week we were all happy for him. One person however shed a tiny tear; glad that her favourite dog was happily homed, but sad that she was not his new owner. Jane had walked Diego many times and had a very strong bond with him, but for personal reasons was unable to adopt him.

A week later, and Diego was back, due to a sudden allergy from his new owner. Jane saw this as Fate, and as her unhappiness since “losing” Diego had not diminished, she resolved to adopt him.

I am sure that many people will have guessed that it was a family member who did not want a dog in the house. However no one likes their partner to be unhappy, hence the change of heart. There is no doubt that having a dog can restrict your life, but it can also enhance it. Jane has a great network of dog-loving friends, all of whom have offered to look after Diego if required, and the pleasure this little lad will bring to her life will easily make up for any minor inconveniences.

We wish the newly renamed Hugo and his new family a fabulous new life, and as Jane is a volunteer dog walker, we will have lots of news and updates.

pale brown dog

Diego (now Hugo) – reADOPTED

The second adoption is just as wonderful. For me at least. That is because today Kris found a home. Some of you may have seen the blog about Sofi, who was adopted a couple of weeks ago. Her brother, Kris, was the other dog who was found by me and my walking team early one morning in May.

Being big and black, Kris could have been a hard dog to home. Except for the fact that his body language tells you what a wonderful friendly boy he is. At still under a year old, it is great that he, like his sister, has a new home. His namesake, a human Chris(tianne) is over the moon, as am I and everyone at the refuge who has got to know this fabulous young dog.

Kris young male labrador cross


So after a slow start, the week is picking up nicely. What else is on the cards, I wonder?

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