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Adoption of Django

We had another leaver today! This time it was Django, a dog of some six months who was brought in for rehoming on Saturday. The person bringing him in had found him a month earlier and decided that dog-ownership was not for her. It didn’t take long for him to find a new home, however. Let’s hope his previous owner was not looking for him, although no one has signalled such a dog as being missing to the refuge or to the other internet sites.

The observant amongst you may wonder if Django is a categorised dog. Well, the answer is we don’t know as yet. The official “diagnosis” of breed cannot be made until a dog is 8 months old. So Django’s new family has to be prepared for him to be officially labelled a “dangerous dog” in a couple of months when this boy is fully grown. That alone should tell you how ridiculous this law is; one day a dog is happily wondering around and the next day he has to wear a muzzle and his owners have to have special training in order to be able to control him. Ho hum.

Django’s new family are prepared for this eventuality and we will let you know when the results are in. However¬† there is no doubt that Django is an adorable young dog and we are pleased that he didn’t spend too long at the refuge before finding a new home.

Many thanks to his new family. And watch this space, as they say!

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Django – ADOPTED


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