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Adoption of Douce and Ren…

Today saw the departure of Douce, another one of our seniors. We love when our oldies leave and this 9 year old girl is a real gem. Its a lucky family who adopted her!

Douce, adopted!

At the other end of the age group, Cyndy said goodbye to another of her pups. This time it was puppy Ren, the tri-coloured little boy. Nine weeks is a long time to have mum and 5 pups in foster. especially when you have your own dogs too and Cyndy has done ever so well well coping with all that puppy chaos and wee and poo!

Jenna and Ren.

Little Cassis is reserved and we have someone interested in Betony and Daisy so it looks like this little family are sorted and soon Cyndy can put her feet up!

We have already had news of Pansy and Hana and both have been very good girls in their new homes!

If you would like to be a foster mum to mum and a litter then please do get in touch. Its hard work but ever so rewarding to see well socialised, happy pups go to their forever family!



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