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Adoption of Elsa…

Ita always nice to end the week with an adoption and today’s lucky leaver was Elsa, an eighteen month old Pyrenean Mountain Dog.

When she arrived about a month ago we were all sure that the beautiful girl would be reclaimed, but no, for a reason that we will never know, no one came looking for her.

This means that after ten days she could join the other ScPA dogs, share a kennel and we could get to know her on walks etc.

Nothing seemed to phase this calm youngster, who had impeccable manners and walked really well on a lead.

Last week a family came along to try her with their dog and today she left with her forever family.

Elsa, adopted!

We would love to know all of our dog’s history but when dogs who arrive as strays, this is seldom possible. Occasionally someone recognises a dog and will message us to tell us about them but usually, we only know how they react to us and other dogs and cats.

Sometimes I think this is a good thing. Some adopters who do know a dogs back ground feel really sorry for the dog and are reticent about creating sensible behavioral boundaries. The dog then quickly realises that they can do what it likes and a vicious circle begins.

We usually advise adopters to start as they mean to go on.  If you dont want a dog on the sofa or bed that perfectly fine so start that way when you get home. Trying to change behaviour in retrospect is much harder!

So, what will next week bring? We already know that another lucky girl will be leaving tomorrow and that a lucky boy has a family visiting on Tuesday.

It would be great to see more adoptions. Its great weather at the moment for walking so a great time to adopt and get out and about with your new addition!





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