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Adoption of Enya

We were all absolutely amazed when Enya arrived at the SPA ten or so days ago. We are used to writing “labrador cross” under photographs; it is not often that a dog is obviously a pure bred labrador. Enya is a perfect example of her breed, simply stunning. She was identified, but her owners’s details were not up to date and we were unable to track them down. Besides which, why wouldn’t they be looking for their dog? Enya is well behaved and sociable; it is hard to imagine why she would no longer be wanted.

In any case, a family spotted her while she was still in the pound, and reserved her immediately. We try to discourage people from reserving dogs in the pound, as a) their owners might be looking for them and b) they have only just arrived, and sometimes it is nice to home dogs who have been at the SPA for longer. However in Enya’s case even we couldn’t claim to have a similar dog elsewhere at the refuge! Sometimes the timing is just right, and it certainly was for this family; visitors up to that point had all expected her to find her owners.

Today Enya was sterilised and left for her new home, and we are delighted for her.

So don’t listen to anyone who tells you that refuges are full of mutts. Not that there is anything wrong with mutts, but even non-breed-specific refuges can have surprising guests!

Black lab



Other than that two recent arrivals were reclaimed by their owners, and we are hoping for more good news as the week progresses.

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