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Adoption of Etoile

There was quite a reaction to the photos of Etoile that were posted on her first day at the ScPA, just three weeks ago. It is true, she looked absolutely terrified, and many people contacted the refuge and DRC to see what they could do to help her. Of course, what she needed, like most new arrivals, was a bit of time to realise that things were not so bad after all.

Etoile when she first arrived

A week or so later and the pictures told a different story. Etoile had found her feet, was sharing her kennel and enjoying her walks. Life wasn’t too bad after all.

But what she didn’t realise was that it was about to get better still! Sandra, who had found Etoile and brought her to the refuge to see if her owners were looking for her, could not get Etoile off her mind. Let’s face it, many people who bring dogs to the ScPA forget about them immediately; even when they are their own dogs! Not Sandra, however. She resolved to offer a home to Etoile if she was not reclaimed, and this is all the more wonderful as Sandra lives in Germany. She was only on holiday in Carcassonne when Etoile came into her life and has just made the journey back to collect her new dog!

So Etoile, complete with rabies vaccination and passport, will soon be on her way to a new life in Germany!

spaniel with two women

Etoile – ADOPTED and looking much happier.

Stories like this make us all smile, so many thanks to Sandra and her friend for making such a long journey to collect this little dog who had stolen her heart.

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