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Adoption of Falbala after over 6 months

Today brought the wonderful news of the adoption of Falbala, and guess what? She is another black dog, making this a great week for dogs of this colour.

Falbala has been at the refuge for over six months, and when you consider that she was only a year old at the time of her arrival, that means she has spent a third of her life behind bars. However it has not all been bad; Falbala has spent quite a lot of time out on walks and in the parks, and this is just as well, as she is a very lively girl, and like most young dogs at the refuge, has lots of energy.

She was adopted very briefly at the end of August, but was brought back soon thereafter as her enthusiasm might have got the better of her when meeting the family’s cats. This despite passing the cat test at the refuge; a sad reminder that sometimes it takes a bit of time and patience to settle dogs in when cats are involved. And of course if the risk is too great, a return to the refuge often follows.

Today Falbala’s wait came to an end. Plenty of lovely walks await her as she settles into her new home in the country side. Needless to say everyone at the refuge is delighted for her, as we are for all the dogs and cats who leave for new lives.

Black shiny dog

Falbala – ADOPTED

Keep your fingers crossed for another black dog who, if things go well, will be leaving tomorrow.

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