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Adoption of Flip and more about our puppies in foster care

Usually on Sundays there is no news of adoptions, as apart from the first Sunday of the month, the SPA is shut. However sometimes an adoption happens “behind the scenes”, as it were, so is not always featured on the blog on the right day.

Puppy Flip arrived in a terrified state in the first week of March and due to a lack of space in our foster families, had to go to the “new cat arrival station” (the “poup”). He soon started gaining in confidence and leapt with delight when the employees went into look after him and the cats. But obviously this is not as good as being in a family environment.

In the background, Isa was being nice to her husband. They had just said goodbye to Jess (adopted by Moira’s son) and that separation had been very hard on Isa and her family. But taking in Flip proved to be an excellent cure, and little Flip stayed with them until finding a family of his own.

Many thanks once again to Isa and her family for helping another dog on his way to a new life. Our foster families really are amazing.

If you missed out on Flip, there are still a couple of puppies in foster.

First of all we have Erza, who is with Alizée and Erwan. Erza is a female brindle coloured crossbreed, perhaps with some Akita in the mix. She has a strong personality and is going to be a big dog. Then there is Looping, a male border collie, who is with volunteers Marie-Pierre and Yannick. We all know about border collies; intelligent but in need of constant mental as well as physical exercise, and I am sure that is what he is getting with his foster family and their six (yes SIX) other dogs.

Okay, it is a bit harder to see them, as visits have to be mutually convenient. But on the positive side, the foster families know everything there is to know about the puppies in their care.

Many of our fosters have children, many have cats and I think all of them have other dogs. They also work hard on things like house-training and are in the best possible position to make sure that your new puppy settles in well.

So all hail our wonderful foster families. Without you the refuge would be far fuller, and the SPA puppies would not get such a good start in life!

Flip – ADOPTED (thanks to Isa and family)

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Erza – in foster with  Alizée and Erwan












And Looping, in foster with Marie-Pierre and Yannick


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