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Adoption of Flute..

After two days without any adoptions we are delighted to report that Flute has been adopted!

On Monday Darcey blogged about the adoption of Ficelle who arrived a few weeks ago with her sister Flute. These two unidentified pups certainly have lady luck looking over them as both have left with super families.

Its very lucky for two adolescents to arrive as ‘strays’ yet be really sociable with dogs and cats as well as have great lead manners. It just makes you wonder why someone would put so much effort into their dogs, yet not have them identified or reclaim them!

Without a doubt being female helped and had they had been young males their fate may have been very different, despite being great dogs.

Gender still makes such a difference even although all of our dogs, male or female always leave sterilised. The most common request from prospective adopters is ‘a nice medium sized female’.

Is it a myth or not that females are easier then males? Not in my personal experience  but I know lots of you will think otherwise.

Tell us what you think re gender. Our opinions are usually based on personal experience but what is it that makes us prefer one sex to another when choosing a dog or cat?

Flue,,adopted 3 days after her sister Ficelle!




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