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Adoption of Gaufrette

Well, just one adoption to tell you about today, but that is better than none at all. It means another lucky dog is in a new home and that is something that makes us all happy.

Today’s lucky dog is Gaufrette. She arrived three weeks ago as yet another unidentified stray, one who was in that “not quite pup” stage. According to the vet’s estimate, she turned 6 months yesterday, and so it is great that just after this landmark (even if it is a theoretical one), she is with her new family.

brown dog with black muzzle

Gaufrette – ADOPTED

We have had lots of success in rehoming our youngsters recently, but we still wish that all our not-quite pups could find homes as quickly as did Gaufrette.

We are hoping for more good news tomorrow, when the ScPA will be open as usual.

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