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Adoption of Gloubi and an important name change.

Today the ScPA said a fond and happy goodbye to Gloubi. No, don’t be worried, neither by that sentence nor by the photo; Gloubi is fine. It is just that she is most often seen in this position; relaxing in the office while life goes on around her. Gloubi was reserved several weeks ago, and should have already left the ScPA, however her new family had some logistical problems. Anyone who has moved house in France will understand that these things happen, and her new family have been walking her regularly, along with a dog they rescued in Dubai. A wonderful life awaits our old lady labrador. She will be part of the welcoming committee for anyone staying at her owners’ gite; and who could fail to feel instantly at home with such a pefect dog in residence!

yellow lab

Gloubi – ADOPTED

Who will be the next lucky dog to take the “golden spot” in the office, I wonder?

So only one adoption to tell you about today. The week is far from over, though. The ScPA will be open tomorrow and again on Sunday, as it is the first Sunday of the month. This means there is time to make up for what has been a quiet week adoption-wise.

You may have noticed that we are using the term ScPA and not SPA. The additional “C” stands for “Carcassonnaise” This is because the SPA Paris took court action to prevent the Lyon based group (the Confederation Nationale of 260 independent refuges) from using the letters SPA. It would be nice to think that, as we are all in the same business, no one would mind. Ho hum. We have until June 15th to make any changes to our logos and to stop using the forbidden letters. If we at DRC make an error, we will turn ourselves in to the police and wait for you all to rescue us from prison! If not, send chocolate!

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