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Adoption of Goltenk and Lazare’s dream is over

Today’s adoptee, Goltenk is one of the many dogs who is incredibly lucky to have made it to the ScPA. He was brought in towards the end of August by a woman who had heard his cries and helped rescue this young crossbreed from the bottom of a well. Goltenk turned out to be identified, but as his owner had been trying to give his dog away free on the internet, it was no surprise that he did not come to reclaim him. Although we are assured that he was not responsible for Goltenk’s being down the well. Hmmmm…..

In any case, today Goltenk had yet more good luck. Today he left the refuge for a new home and we hope a new life of love and happiness.

mid brown dog with pointy ears

Goltenk – rescued from a well and ADOPTED

We thought Lazare had found the same, but it was not to be. Anyone who expects a dog to adapt immediately to life outside¬†after being in a refuge for almost 6 years has unrealistic expectations. Either of their own abilities or of the dog’s. And sadly there is a big difference between having good intentions and having the patience and understanding to allow a dog to settle in. Yes, Lazare is back, his hopes (and ours) dashed after just 3 days.

I don’t know how many times we have been disappointed like this, yet in our naivety we still believe in miracles. I guess this endless optimism (all too often unfounded) is what enables volunteers to continue bashing their heads against a brick wall.

German shepherd cross

Lazare is back. – A patient Foster family is required.

Talking about heads and brick walls, the numbers quoted in yesterday’s newspaper article concerning the ScPA collection in Place Carnot make for quite sobering reading. So far this year 610 dogs and over 400 cats have arrived at the refuge. That is a record breaking number, and the year is not over yet. And remember the ScPA is but one of many hundreds of refuges throughout France. These high figures are not unique to our region, and we are sure that the trend of receiving far more older and sick dogs is a nationwide one. No money for vets bills as well as new mobile phones and Netflix accounts, presumably.

Let’s hope that things cheer up next week.

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