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Adoption of Gustav

Towards the end of February we happily reported the adoption of Otto. As we told you, he was one of two dogs who were left alone in an appartment when their owner moved house. Needless to say both dogs were a bit hungry when they arrived, but apart from that were in good health. Anyway, today, some four weeks later, it was the turn of his dad, Gustav.

This handsome lab cross caught the eye of a family from the Netherlands who were looking for a dog to share their life. They wanted a dog who gets on with other dogs, and ideally wanted a dog who needed them. Naturally Gustav’s story touched their hearts. They took him for a walk, then had a think, returning the following day to officially reserve this lovely dog.

A week’s holiday was planned, so Gustav did not leave immediately, but employees and volunteers have been walking him and telling him that he didn’t have long to wait! We hope to have lots of news and photos of the newly renamed “Roux” as his new life begins.

pale lab cross

Gustav – ADOPTED

There is at least one other dogs who has his bags packed, so let’s wait and see who will be leaving us tomorrow!

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