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Adoption of Harley

We had a small adoption today, a 5 kilo one, to be precise!

Yorkie cross Harley arrived in mid May having spent most of his life on a balcony, when he wasn’t being used to make puppies, that is. He was then given away, but his new owner did not want him, so at six years old, Harley found himself at the ScPA.

Harley has now gone to live with Chris, who came along today with one of his dogs to make sure they were compatible, as this is the dog with whom Harley will spend all his time. The last companion was a St Bernard, who has sadly passed away, so it is a bit of a change of size of paymate. Harley will have lots of other new friends too; dogs, cats, sheep, horses and even some koi carp. Yes, Harley is going to live on a farm, and will have freedom like never before. What a lucky lad!

yorkie cross

Harley – ADOPTED

Apart from that one dog was reclaimed by her owner, and there were some dogs out on walks. And hopefully there will  be more of the same tomorrow when the ScPA opens its doors for the first Sunday of the month.

There will be a blog tomorrow night, regardless of whether or not we have any adoptions, by the way. Something is afoot. Or perhaps ON foot is more appropriate. Read all about it tomorrow evening!

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