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Adoption of Hermione

Following the joy of Papel’s adoption yesterday, we have some more wonderful news. After what has been a horrid three months for her, little Jack Russell Cross Hermione found a home. As was the case with Papel, we have no idea why this took so long to happen. If you ask anyone what kind of dog is adopted quickest, I think we would all say small young females. Three months is a long wait. And Hermione has hated every second of it.

When she arrived she was full of beans. She bounced around in her kennel and pulled on walks. As time went on she lost all her enthusiasm. She refused to walk and was often carried out of the refuge gates. It was really upsetting to see. DRC put her on as their urgent appeal, but again, this failed to bring her any luck.

Today at last her turn came. A couple came along specifically to meet her. They half walked and half carried her for a while before offering her a home. They have been warned that she might well speed up again, but as they know the breed well, they are prepared for any jack russell shenanigans. And best of all, little Hermione will never be alone, as they are young retirees.

jack russell cross

Hermione – ADOPTED

We wish little Hermione a long and happy life with them. She is only 2 and a half years old, so she has plenty of time in which to forget her stay at the ScPA.

Two other recently arrived dogs were reclaimed, including yesterday’s arrival Ifi, whose chip is registered to an address in Martinique! Luckily her owners were looking for her, but this is another gentle reminder to keep your details up to date on Icad when you move house.

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More good news tomorrow, please!

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