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Adoption of hidden gem Cheyenne

Today saw the adoption of Cheyenne, who was very much one of the ScPA’s many hidden gems. We have spoken of these dogs before; they are the ones that¬† no one really notices, but who are very much worth meeting.

A couple came to the refuge today looking for a calm female. They went for a tour round the kennels, and their eye was drawn to one dog who seemed to meet their criteria. A walk showed that she wasn’t quite right for them, so they went to ask for advice.

This is where the knowledge of the employees is invaluable. They see the dogs when the refuge is shut, they know how dogs behave when they are not frantic with excitement and trying to attract visitors’ attention. Carole was on reception and was able to guide them towards Cheyenne, a lovely shepherd cross who was found as an unidentified stray in mid January.

One walk later, and Cheyenne was off to her new life. News and photos have been promised and we wish all the best to lovely Cheyenne.

dark haired shepherd cross

Cheyenne – ADOPTED

The ScPA has many other hidden gems, so if you want help finding the perfect dog, please don’t be afraid to ask. Of course love at first sight is all well and good, but sometimes a bit of guidance can save a lot of heartache, for both you and the dog.

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