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Adoption of Iggy

We had one adoption today, but of course that is better than none. And it was a good one, too!

Puppy Iggy arrived a couple of weeks ago (on the same day as puppy Pop, for those of you who understand how we give names to the dogs!), and although it has taken him a bit longer to find a home, today he left with his new family. He was born in April this year, and we were hoping that he would not spend too much longer at the refuge. Once dogs pass the young puppy stage they do loose a bit of their cuteness. However on the plus side, adopters have a far better idea of the dog’s character, plus of course his adult size.

Iggy is a lovely lad, and we wish him a long and happy life.

Iggy labrador cross puppy

By the way, apologies to anyone who was upset by my referring to Simba as a staffie, rather than an American staffordshire terrier. The law is quite ridiculous, and as it does not apply to these dogs in the UK, it is easy to get confused. My ignorance should not be seen as “evidence of a lack of professionalism” by the refuge employees. Mea culpa. Ultimately, though, there are far more important things in life. Like the fact that Simba has a wonderful home. And finding homes for all the other animals at the ScPA, for instance.

There should be more good news tomorrow and there might even be VERY good news. Watch this space….


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