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Adoption of Iona

Another afternoon of sun so yet again we were able to get several dogs out on walks. Walking dogs is good for many reasons; obviously the dogs need exercise, and although putting them in the parks allows them to run around, it does not actually provide much in the way of either training or interaction. It is only on walks that you find out things about a dog like does he/ she pull, how responsive is he/she to commands etc.

This is important when we try to find the right home for the dog. A dog that appears angelic in its kennel can turn out to pull like a tractor on the lead, and although there are strategies for dealing with this, it is best to be forewarned. Likewise a dog whom we assume to be hard work on the lead can turn out to be perfect on the lead (although admittedly this is less common)!

And sometimes, like today, you walk a dog for the first time and see it in a totally different light and think “let’s get you out of here”. Such was the case when Moira and I walked Maya today, so you expect a bit of promotion for this fabulous small blue merle collie in the days to come. She is a gem!

We had one adoption today. Little Iona left for her new home after having been found with her brother in the parking lot of the new hospital. Deliberately lost in a place where they were sure to be found, perhaps? We will never know.

In any case, they have been waiting since October 10th and her brother Eloi is still hoping that his chance will come soon.

Iona has been renamed Calie and will help mend the broken hearts of a lovely couple who lost their similar-looking male dog last week. I am sure we will have news, as Calie will be going to dog school with volunteer Rebecca.

We also had a couple of reservations, and although the dogs won’t be leaving immediately, if the home is right (which it is in both cases) it is worth the wait.

No dogs arrived either, so again not too bad as days go.

Hidden Gem –  five year old Maya











Iona (now Calie) – ADOPTED











Her brother, Eloi, is still waiting. He is tiny, by the way!



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