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Adoption of Jewel

The weather was a bit cooler today; in the high 20s, as opposed to the mid 30s, so plenty of dogs went out for walks. Most of the walks are taking place in the mornings, with all the dogs asleep in the afternoon, so it was nice to see the refuge so lively this afternoon. Plus we had an adoption!

Handsome young beauceron Jewel arrived at the SPA exactly one month ago today. It was not his first visit,  and so this time it was deemed best all round for him to find a new home. And today it happened!

Jewel’s new owner is the mother of one of the SPA employees! She was visiting the area and came along to see her son’s place of work. Then she saw Jewel and offered to take him for a walk. The family had always had dogs of this breed, and as they love long walks, decided it was logical to have a dog with them again.

So lucky Jewel has gone off to start his new life. Wonderful news for this lovely dog who has not had the most stable of lives up to now. We are sure he will be very happy, and of course we will have lots of news, which we LOVE!



So the week ended on a high with a great adoption. And we have to say huge thanks to Marion who has been looking after the office so efficiently during secretary Carole’s absence. It is back to kennel duties for her on Monday, but everyone agrees that she has done a wonderful job these past couple of weeks.

All back to normal on Monday, and hopefully the week will bring plenty of adoptions.

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