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Adoption of Kanye

Kanye was brought to the SPA before Christmas by his owner following a move to an appartment. Yes, it is easy to criticise, but it seems that before this change in circumstances Kanye was much loved. He arrived fully vaccinated, identified and castrated, and it is rare that we can say such a thing.  Already nine years old, this dog had been turned down by many other refuges who apparently did not want to take on a big old dog whose adoption prospects were not high.

And as soon as we met him, we realised what a wonderful dog he is. Although he doesn’t like sharing his kennel, the only flash point is food. Walking Kanye is child’s play. He is a real gentleman, trotting alongside his “temporary human” with his tail up and manners firmly intact.

One of our supporters has been looking for an elderly dog for some time. In fact she had agreed to take Roxanne (Nina in real life), who was reclaimed on New Year’s Day. Other oldies at the SPA are a bit strong on the lead…but not so Kanye! To our  delight, he left today. Excellent news!

We are always happy when elderly dogs leave the SPA. In fact, let’s face it, we are happy when dogs (and cats) of any age leave. Let’s hope for more good news as the week progresses.

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