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Adoption of Kira

Today we had lots of walks (thanks to everyone, as ever), and one adoption. Yes, they have been a bit thin on the ground so far this week, so today’s news was very welcome.

One year old Kira was brought to the SPA about a month ago after her owner dumped her somewhere near Capendu. She was spotted several times over the course of the next few days before finally being caught and brought to the SPA. So as you can see, finding a new owner was the best thing for her. Her old owner is clearly not someone who should keep animals.

malinois cross


In any case, today a gentleman came looking for a malinois who could live with a cat. Kira was not his first choice, although she was a close second. And when Goldy rather disgraced herself in the cat house, it was Kira’s chance. She took it happily, sitting down patiently while kitties wandered around her feet. Providing she was not being exceptionally sneaky (and bear in mind she is a malinois cross, so this is possible), all should go well in her new home. We hope so, with all our hearts.

There were a couple of reservations, too, so we are looking forward to good news tomorrow, too.

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