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Adoption of Kyka

Only one adoption today, but as it is a case of second time lucky for the dog in question, it is a good one.

Kyka arrived at the refuge in May but it took until mid September for her to attract the eye of a family. Why is that, you ask, as Kyka is an adorable young girl, playful, sociable, and full of joy. What is that we were saying about hidden gems? Yes, Kyka definitely fell into that category. However sadly her first adoption did not work out. Left alone for too long with nothing to do, Kyka set about amusing herself in the only way she could find, and the owners were not happy with her ideas of interior decorating!

So about a month after her adoption Kyka was brought back, and many of us feared that she would have another long wait. Being medium sized and medium brown does not help, it must be said. But today Kyka was given another chance and she has left for a new home. Her new family know that Kyka cannot be left alone for long periods, initially at least, and everything seems to be on track for success. She is truly a wonderful young girl, and we hope she will be very happy, and bring her family nothing but happiness.

medium brown dog


Tomorrow’s weather doesn’t look as if it will be much better than today’s, but if we can have an adoption on a wet and windy Saturday, we can surely have at least one on a wet and windy Sunday!

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