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Adoption of Lady and Charlot

Today we said goodbye to two more lucky dogs who went to their new homes. It has not been the best week in terms of adoptions, but today certainly left us with a smile on our faces.

First to leave was Lady. She arrived towards the end of August in pretty bad condition. In fact for several weeks she was too ill and thin to live outside and it is only fairly recently that she has been on view to the public. She has made quite an impression, with everyone remarking on her beauty. Yesterday a family came to meet her and went away to have a think. It didn’t take them too long to decide to offer Lady a home.

golden retriver cross


Second to leave was little Charlot. This adorable yorkie cross was found (unidentified, of course) in a local village about two weeks ago. To our amazement no one came looking for him, although he simply must have had a home before arriving at the SPA. This week alone three families have been to visit him and have promised to think about it and let us know. Well as with many of our popular dogs, thinking too long can result in disappointment (although of course a decision as momentous as adopting a dog whould not be made in haste).

Today two new volunteers arrived to join our fabulous team of walkers, and the first dog they walked was Charlot. The next thing we knew, they were testing Charlot with a border collie, who belongs to their brother (and our wonderful handyman volunteer) Philippe, and leaving the SPA with a new addition to the family.

They have promised to carry on walking dogs, though, don’t worry!

yorkie cross

Charlot – ADOPTED

Three (identified) dogs left with their owners, and so it was a great way to end the week.

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