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Adoption of Lana, but RIP Rico

Today started with the shocking news of the death of Rico. He had been fighting for his life for 48 hours at the vets, but he could not be saved. Thus brings to a sad end one of the saddest tales of the SPA, that of a dog who had a life of misery with dog hoarders, then two years at the SPA before dying. The only love he ever knew was at the refuge, and just as he started making progress, his life was cut short.

Following on the heels of the death of the puppy and Harley the boxer last week, not to mention all the dogs being abandoned, this has been a terrible start to the year. Needless to say morale amongst staff and volunteers is very low.

small balck ratter

RIP Rico

We are kept afloat by adoptions, and we had one today, that of little beagle cross Lana. She arrived in mid-January, timid and unidentified. However being very pretty as well as small and female, we knew she would not have a long wait. Today following her sterilisation she left for her new life.

small beagle cross


The SPA is open both tomorrow and on Sunday, so there is still a chance for more good news, but I think most of us will just be glad when this week is over.

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  1. Sending you all love and support. With sadness we learn to make every day count for our four legged friends.

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