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Adoption of Lascar and Gribouille.

Two weeks ago, Lascar arrived at the refuge and we all thought that he was extremely lucky to leave the same day.  Unfortunately, he came back the very next day because the family cat did not like him. Abandoned twice in as many days is never good for any dog’s moral.

Lascar settled into refuge life, happily sharing his kennel and I bet he was wondering what on earth was going to happen next.

Luckliy Jessica, a young lady from Chamonix read Lascars story and thought that he was just what she was looking for. Not many adopters contact us to say that they want an active young male dog! However, the dog did need to be able to get along with cats as her mum does have both cats and a dog and when visiting the UK all the animals need to be able to live in harmony!

Lascar was reserved, and it was an early start for Jessica and friend this morning as they began their long drive to collect him.

It will be another stressful day or so for Lascar as he travels back to the Alps but then he will be in husky paradise. Jessica has a well enclosed garden for him and leads a very active life in hills…just what a young husky needs!

Lascar adopted!

How I wish that it had been so easy for four year husky old Texas.  Texas was adopted and brought back as his cat hunting hobby were causing mayhem where he lived.  Strangely enough Texas did grow up with a cat but like many dogs, he just got on with his cat!

So, we are looking for an active family with a well enclosed garden and without cats for Texas.

If you think that you could offer lovely Texas a home, then do get in touch.

Texas is desperate for a home!

The second adoption was that of Gribouille. This very cute little Yorkie was abandoned a few weeks ago but was never going to have a long wait. He was small and cute and attracted lots of attention.  Luckily for him he was adopted just before the real heat begins.  Next weeks meteo shows temperatures soaring and extreme heat is very hard for our dogs.

Gribouille adopted!

If anyone happens to have any paddling pools that are no longer needed we would really appreciate them. The dogs love to cool down in them and we would like as many dogs as possible to have access to one!

Any pools would be most appreciated!



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