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Adoption of Lilas and Suzy

Today we were all delighted to see four-year-old Lilas leave with our volunteer Lou and her lovely whippet Captain.

Lilas first came to the ScPA at the end of last year. She had an abscess on her side which was removed by the vet when she was being sterilised and she left for her new home all wrapped up in bandages.

Unfortunately, the abscess reappeared and a MRI scan revealed this was caused by a grass seed that had migrated near to her spinal cord.  A big operation by our vet failed to remove the seed so Lilas came back to the ScPA for nursing and further treatment.

The further treatment had to be at the vet hospital in Toulouse so Darcey and I were on drop off and pick up duties. The initial scan in Toulouse was inconclusive as there was so much swelling so tlc and antibiotics were prescribed for Lilas.

The abscess opened which scared us but delighted the vets and it then healed up very quickly, so we are sure that the body expelled the nasty seed itself!

Lilas was a timid girl and to help with her socialisation she lived in the ScPA office. She was very happy and had a string of needy doggies sharing her space.

A few weeks ago, Lou, one of our volunteers noticed her and was looking for a buddy for her whippet Captain.  Lou got to know Lilas, introduced Captain and of course her hubby and today Lilas left for her new home!

This couldn’t have been a better ending for Lilas and as Lou is a volunteer we will have lots of updates!


Lilas and Captain…

Next to leave was a lucky little girl called Suzy. She had only turned one and being small and cute spent very little time at the refuge at all.

Oh that all the dogs could be so lucky!

Suzy adopted!

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