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Adoption of Louba, and four dogs are reclaimed.

Some dogs spend far longer at the ScPA than we expect. One such dog is Louba, who arrived at the end of January with (presumably) her son, Bouba. He was identified, Louba was not, but in any case no one came to collect either dog. So once the ten days pound time was over, it was time to find a new home for both dogs. We expected them to leave quite soon; Louba is young, pretty and small, and Bouba is young, cute and small. I am not sure the word handsome applies, but each to his own.

In any case, it has taken until today for Louba to find a home, and Bouba still waits. We are not sure how he will cope without his mum; so far when they have been separated even for visits to the vets he has cried non-stop. So he will be getting extra cuddles for a while, and hopefully it will not be too long before he too finds a a home. As for Louba she has a home with a family who has two children and she will go to work with the husband so will never be alone.

breton spaniel


small speckly dog

Bouba, her son, is still waiting for a home

In other news, two malinois who arrived (identified but lost) yesterday were reclaimed, as was a little girl, Trésor, who arrived today. The lovely golden retriever, Geronimo, who arrived (identified) on Saturday left as well, so if you look at it one way, five dogs lef the refuge today 😀

And so begins another week.

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