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Adoption of Louby

We had another magnificent day today with temperatures in the high teens and plenty of volunteers walking dogs in the sunshine. And we had an adoption, too. The first of the week, but we hope it will not be the last.

We are particularly happy to say goodbye to Louby. He arrived five weeks ago, and the vet estimated him as being five months old at the time. This, as we have said on many occasions, is a difficult age for a dog. They have lost their real puppy cuteness, but are not yet adults. What’s more, when Louby arrived, there were other younger pups, and we were starting to wonder when his turn would come.

However his luck has changed big time! Some volunteers have been coming to the ScPA for a few weeks now, making no secret of the fact that they were doing so with a view to adopting a dog. Incidentally this is a great way to find the dog that is right for you. You get to see all the dogs soon after they arrive and you can walk them once they are ready to go out, giving you time to get to meet them properly over the course of several weeks, if necessary. Sometimes a dog who you would not have looked at twice on a quick tour round the refuge can steal your heart on a walk. A highly recommended strategy!

In Loubi’s case he was one of a couple of dogs who this family considered. (Yes, that is one problem with volunteering; you want ALL the dogs!). But he was the one who seemed most compatible with the family’s two cats. He wasn’t 100% cat friendly, but he is only 6 months old and with a bit of work will soon get used to his feline friends.

So today little Loubi left for his new home and we look forward to lots of news and pictures.

black griffon cross


Another dog who arrived at an awkward age is Freddy. He has now been waiting for his new home for five whole months, which is half his life. So if you like the thought of adopting a young dog who really deserves a home, please consider offering him a home. Like Louby he is a wonderful boy who just needs a chance!

black braque cross

Freddy – still looking


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