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Adoption of Luxus and Isidor

We have two adoptions to tell you about today.

First of all, rottweiler Luxus. Everyone was really distressed when this lovely boy was brought back to the SPA for rehoming a couple of weeks ago, not least his (relatively new) family.

Luxus had a wonderful home with two other dogs of the same breed (both also from the ScPA). However when their owner became seriously ill, three big dogs, one of whom needs an enclosed garden, were too much for hs wife to cope with. Reluctantly and with many tears, she brought Luxus back to the refuge. However a dog this beautiful was not going to stay long, especially as we now know him to be good with children, other dogs and even cats, as long as introductions are done properly.

Volunteer Patricia made it her mission to find him a new home, and deciding that the best candidate lived in Limoges, took it upon herself to undertake a dog delivery today! Yes, this is sometimes possible, but of course depends very much on the good will of both parties. As with Jack, whom Moira delivered to Montauban recently, we do not undertake such tasks unless we are as sure as possible that the home is the right one. Luxus’s new home sounds wonderful; three hectares of land with the constant presence of humans and animals to keep him company.


Many thanks to Patricia for giving up a rare day off to take Luxus to his new life. We hope it is a happy one, and we hope that his former owners take comfort from knowing that he is no longer behind bars.

There was a second adoption today, too. And a great one. Our long-term resident, malinois Isidor, left for a new home. Like Luxus he had been adopted once before, and like Luxus, he was brought back with regrets. Isisdor has a very over-protective nature, and needed more space. When a retired couple who know the breed well came looking for a dog to share their large, enclosed garden, they were immediately attracted to Isidor. The fact that he has a tendency to guard suits them very well, although he will have a lovely family life as well as his “outside” duties.

Wonderful news for this dog who has spent well over a year at the refuge. We are sure that his sponsor Stephanie will be over the moon tonight, as are many of us, not least Isidor himself!

Isidor – ADOPTED

Two other dogs were reclaimed; firstly a little French bulldog who only arrived a couple of days ago, and secondly Youki, who had been with us for some three months. In that time we had all become very fond of him, and he of us, apparently, as he didn’t seem exactly keen to leave, by all accounts!




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