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Adoption of Lydia

Today we said goodbye to three year old Lydia. And we are doubly delighted as she has gone to live with a couple who have adopted from us before. In fact their dog, Pep’s, came along to help choose his new pal, so it was hugs all round as Pep’s said hello to all his human friends.

shepherd cross

Pep’s came to visit and to choose a pal.

Originally the couple had thier eye on another dog, but when they spotted Lydia their minds were made up. Lydia is one of those dogs who risked spending a long time at the refuge. She is calm and discreet and dogs like her are easy to overlook. There are lots of dogs who don’t jump up to greet visitors, but sometimes they make the best companions! They are what we call “hidden gems”, dogs who perhaps don’t have any distinguishing features to attract adopters, but once you take the trouble to meet them, you realise that they are just perfect and will make excellent family members.

We are sure that today’s hidden gem, Lydia, is already enjoying her new surroundings and we look forward to news and photos of her playing with Pep’s.

smallish brown dog


We have one adoption on the cards for tomorrow already, but of course we are hoping for others too!

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