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Adoption of Manzana

Mondays are quite often the things of nightmares at the SPA, however today was not bad at all. For a start there were no arrivals, although when this is the case we quite often regret our optimism on Tuesday! We had a reservation plus a visit that may result in a reservation (and we always encourage people to think about big decisions) and also an adoption!

Yes, today was the turn of little Manzana. She arrived ten days ago having been found locally, and the vet estimated her date of birth as being the beginning of the year, so this little girl is only just out of puppyhood. Today she went off to be sterilised and then it was time to go to her new home, where she is sure to be showered with love.

In other news today was the day when tiny pups Mascotte and Monoï graduated from their kennel inside the infirmary to the refuge proper. They were very excited to be out in the sunshine with all the new sights and sounds. We are sure that now they are in plain view, these tiny, lively dogs will be adopted very quickly. Please get in touch quickly if you are interested in adopting one of them.

Manzana – ADOPTED
tricloured dog being held









Mascotte and Monoï have their two vaccinations and hope to be adopted soon!

tow tiny brown pups

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