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Adoption of Marge, but two sad returns

Yesterday as well as two recently arrived dogs being reclaimed, we also had the adoption of Marge. She, you will probably have guessed, is one of the Simpsons litter, and this lucky little girl has been adopted by a SPA volunteer. This means we know that she will be very well looked after and that we will have plenty of news.

black and tan pup


The remaining pups from the litter are reserved too, so we are guaranteed some good news tomorrow. And we are much in need of some, after the terrible day we had today.

They say that nothing lasts forever. Well some adoptions fall well short of that! Today as well as Tornade, who was adopted in early January, we also had the return of Cliona.

small borwn and black dog

Tornade – back for rehoming. 

Cliona, you will all surely recall, was brought in last summer in a terrible state. Lots of love and lots of donations later she was looking fabulous and was off to her new home. Four and a half months later and the dream is over. We all know that she can be a bit picky about whom she bestows her affection on, and she will probably always be a bit wary of men, but we thought that her family were away of her foibles and accepted her nonetheless. Sadly not.

black lab cross

Cliona – back for rehoming

But as ever it is a question of onwards and upwards. New homes will be sought; new homes will be found. And tomorrow there are two adoptions on the cards.

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