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Adoption of Minta

As soon as Minta arrived in early August she became one of my favourites. A big griffon cross, pure white with a black patch over one eye, this girl was just adorable. What’s more she was young, sociable and very affectionate. Why were people not clamouring to offer her a home?

Today Minta’s day came, and in fact it came twice. A family visited her from the UK on Thursday with a view to adopting her, but by the time they had made their minds up today (just three days later) a second family had come to the ScPA and offered her a home. It is sad for the first family, but of course it is wonderful for Minta. And as was the case with Flavien, who also had two families offering him a home earlier in the week, it shows that sometimes it is just a dog’s turn!

Personally I am delighted for Minta. Had she been smaller she would doubtless have left far sooner, but even two months isn’t long to wait compared to many of the dogs at the refuge.

white griffon with black eye


That was the only adoption of the day for the dogs, but was another good day for the cats. The weekend totals were 11 cats adopted with 5 more reserved. For dogs it was four adoptions and three reservations, so there is more good news to come before too long.

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