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Adoption of Moliere

This week has been a pretty grim one at the refuge, with a LOT of new arrivals, and until today, only two adoptions. A couple of dogs have been reclaimed, of course, but with so few dogs finding new homes we are all getting quite worried. We have no reason why it should be the case; we all agree that we have the best dogs in the world, but for some reason adoptions have been excruciatingly slow of late.

Today things are looking a tiny bit better with the adoption of Moliere. This lovely border collie cross arrived at the refuge in early December when he was just five months old. That was 6 weeks ago, and we were starting to wonder, as we do with so many of our not-quite pups, if this lad would be left behind. Yes, it is a difficult age, especially when even younger dogs keep arriving.

Not everyone is not after a pup, though, and in fact Moliere’s new family were looking for a young dog, one who would not grow to be too big but one that would make a good companion for a young, active family.

They visited the refuge yesterday and had a think overnight, then contacted us this morning to say that Moliere had stolen their hearts. So this afternoon a very happy dog left with a very happy family! Exciting times indeed and we look forward to news and photos in due course.

border collie cross

Moliere – ADOPTED

We are hoping that next week will be a bit better in terms of adoptions, so please keep your fingers crossed for all our lovely dogs.

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