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Adoption of Myron

When 18 month old Myron arrived at the refuge he was a timid, scared boy. How he has changed in just a few months! Today he left as a bouncy, happy boy with a couple who are friends of one of our volunteers from Quillan, so we are bound to have lots of news. What’s more, they have had many spaniels so know the breed. As I was putting him in the car I saw lots of walking poles and thought, keen walkers. just what a energetic spaniel need!

Myron adopted!

Knowing the breed of dog that you are adopting is very important. I am a lazy dog owner and like labradors. Of course they have had years of training, all dogs need training but I like to come to the end of my walk with two dogs beside me rather than be scouring the countryside for a dog who has gone off on its own adventure. Each to their own when it comes to dog breeds!

You will all be relieved to hear that puppy Dagobert is reserved!  With any luck he will be leaving tomorrow.

I am sure that we will have another litter very soon so if you are after a specific breed do let us know. On a day to day basis we never know who will arrive, and we have people looking for Westies and Pekingeses, they don’t come into refuge very often but you never know!





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