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Adoption of Nala…

It’s on days like today that we feel so sorry for the dogs in the refuge.  It’s almost impossible to keep them all cool and it’s certainly too hot to exercise then.  Instead, we spray their kennels to keep them cool and make sure that their water is topped up and not too warm.

Some of the dogs love our paddling pools and when possible, volunteers take them to the lake for a swim.

As usual, we have had lots of new arrivals. One very lucky girl was Nala who was abandoned yesterday and adopted today by her original owner who had lost her when her relationship broke down. What luck that she heard that Nala was at the ScPA or Nala would be like our other 100 dogs and roasting in her kennel.

Nala adopted!

A word about our puppies. We have been inundated with inquiries about our recent litter. And no wonder, they are stunning.  Should you see a pup or a dog that you fancy then pop in and fill out a questioner and see the pups. You may be able to reserve one or we may ask you to wait if we have lots of interest in the pup. This is so we can match the pup to the most appropriate home.

So with the heat set to continue, we hope that potential adopters will come in and help us get some more dogs out of the heat!

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