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Adoption of Neiko…

Todays adoption was Neiko, a young male who has just turned 1. Neiko is typical of many young dogs, acquired as cute puppies and then left to their own devices. This usually means that they arrive at the refuge as strays and are never reclaimed.

Neiko adopted!

Adolescent males make up large percentage of the refuge’s population. They usually arrive entire and have wandered off looking for fun. Most haven’t had much training and have been mostly ignored.

Saying that, most are sociable, happy dogs who have just been let down by their owners. In a home where they are loved, exercised and given a little bit of training, these dogs really thrive and the bond made with their new family is unbreakable. I am sure that most rescue dogs know that they have been given a second chance and are really appreciative.

Could you give a home to one of our youngsters? Don’t forget that even after adoption we provide post adoption support and have a dog trainer and behaviourist to assist. Most post adoption queries are easily solved with a little ‘management’ advice, so you are never left struggling on your own.

We always advise that you contact us as soon as a behaviour becomes an issue rather than waiting until it becomes a crisis but once a dog has passed through the SPA it has our support for life.



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