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Adoption of Nikki.

Today it was the turn of a pale dog to leave the SPA. After a mere 2 days we said goodbye to Nikki. She was abandoned on Saturday having been adopted as a puppy in May. Since this time, according to her owners,  she has become “uncontrollable”, although this cannot possibly be the family’s fault, as they have “had dogs before”. Please remember that dogs are not all alike; like people, they each have their own personality, and what is right for one dog may not be right for another. And never be too proud to ask for help; no one person has all the answers.

In any case, Nikki did not have long to wait for her new home. Today some supporters of the SPA came along with members of their exptended family to look for a new dog, and they fell for Nikki. At less than a year old this girl is perfectly receptive to be educated (in fact there is no age limit to a dog’s ability to learn, contrary to popular belief), and Nikki’s new life has begun in record time.

pale shepherd


One of our pups left with his family, but we will leave news of that until the adoption is official.

All in all it was a positive start to the week. Especially as today we totted up the results of the Hallowe’en promotion. During the eight day period, a total of four  black dogs and three black cats left at the special price. That is excellent. of course some of these animals may well have been adopted even without this relatively small financial incentive, but we are happy to point the spotlight at animals who would otherwise not be noticed.

Followers of the DRC website may notice a couple of new categories today. Thanks to our web-elf, we now have a sub-section in the adoption tab, entitled “Home to Home”. This is obviously to promote dogs who are not at the SPA but whom we are trying to rehome. We also have a section for training tips (as a sub category of latest news), where you can read about, amongst other things, Shirley’s progress with Poppy.

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