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Adoption of Nikki

Great news today with the adoption of Nikki. This little girl arrived at the SPA exactly ten days ago, and I think we were worried that she would have a long wait. Not for any particular reason other than that there are other pups at the SPA, and Nikki has just reached the stage where she is nibbling a bit. This can be off-putting for potential owners, especially families with young children.

Nikki’s new family does have children, but they are old enough to withstand tiny teeth. And the parents are well aware of Nikki’s foibles and the need to watch carefully. Besides which, Nikki made no secret of the fact that they were the right family for her. She laid down on her back for a belly rub, and stared lovingly into her new Dad’s eyes. What a little charmer!

We wish her lots of love and happiness in her new home, and look forward to news and photos.

For all those of you who have been kind enough to ask, Caillou is settling in superbly. Not a single cross word with the other dogs, really respectful to them and especially to our old fragile beagle. He was housetrained from day one and is already off the lead, happy to meet everyone he meets on our walks, both canine and human. Incredible to think of him as the terrified and seemingly aggressive dog who arrived at the SPA last summer.

Caillou was by no means our first rescue dog (in fact neither of us has ever had anything else), but he has certainly been the easiest. Don’t go by first impressions and please give every dog the chance that he or she deserves. And above all, ADOPT, DON’T SHOP!


pale beige puppy









Caillou relaxing in the sun.

black and white dog relaxing in sun

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