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Adoption of Obiwan..

Now followers of our blog will be thinking, wait a minute, that’s not the first time we have had that headline! And its true, Obiwan arrived and was adopted straight from the pound when his 10 days were up.

Once adopted, he did what border collies do, he herded, he used his very intelligent brain to create all sorts of fun for himself. Yes, he was a very bored, under exercised, under stimulated border collie, so back he came!

Today he left with a family who know the breed inside out and are quite prepared to exercise, train and keep him well occupied.

Obiwan adopted!

As mentioned in last nights blog we love when adopters understand the breed of their dog. So much heartache can be avoided for both them and the dog. Now sometimes you do get an exception. Jess a border cross pup who was adopted by my son is an example. Even as a pup she was easy and apart from her addiction to a tennis ball she is a very relaxed easy-going dog. I think that they have been very lucky and the ‘cross’ has diluted out the collie traits within!

So in general, borders are going to herd and require an active lifestyle, shepherds are going to guard, terriers are going to dig and chase, pointers are going to point and use their nose and Labradors are going to wag their tails and love everyone!  Now you know why I have Labradors!

The other good news if that Story the lovely lab cross has found his owners and has gone home!

Let hope for a busy weekend with plenty adoptions. Don’t forget that we are open on Sundays now 2-6pm.

Story has gone home!

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