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Adoption of Orwell.

As you know, we love it when volunteers adopt dogs whom they have come to love during their walks.

Today’s leaver, Orwell, has left with volunteer Sandra. She has been walking him ever since he arrived at the end of November. Like most of us, we find it hard to understand why no one else wants to adopt our favourite dogs. In fact under many of Orwell’s pictures on Facebook, Sandra has commented on what a great dog he is, encouraging people to take a second look at this young mini-braque cross. Then these comments stop.  Sandra told us yesterday that this was the moment when she started worrying that someone else might in fact adopt him!

Today Sandra took Orwell, now renamed Ollie, to share her home and that of her other dog, Maggie, and their cat. Sandra and her husband used to have three dogs, and we know they are excellent dog owners. Ollie is in for a fabulous life with them. Many thanks to Sandra, and we are delighted to say that she will still be coming to the SPA to walk the dogs. Better not fall in love with any more, eh, Sandra!

small balck and white speckly dog

Orwell (now Ollie) – ADOPTED

We will  have at least one good news item tomorrow, too, so see you then!

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