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Adoption of Paco and Pebble

Great news today, there were two adoptions

First Paco. He has only been at the refuge since just after the New Year, but this was his third time at the ScPA. And he was so distressed at being returned to the refuge after his recent failed adoption that all he did was cry. He really had no idea what he had done wrong, mostly because he hadn’t done¬†anything wrong. And he really didn’t understand why he was back at the refuge. Especially as that was the second time he was brought back; once due to a divorce and once due to someone making an unwise choice. Life was certainly not fair as far as Paco was concerned.

But that is all over now, and it looks as if Paco has found the right home at last! This time he has a friend to play with and a family that are already well used to dogs. What’s more, they came to the ScPA with the hope of adopting a “sausage-type” dog….and not many dogs are more sausage-like than Paco! It looks like this dog’s luck has finally changed!



We had another lucky leaver today, too, although you can hardly say that Pebble has been traumatised by her stay at the ScPA. This lively dog has been with us since the end of August, although had she been okay with cats she would probably have been adopted sooner. However she is very much NOT okay with cats, and is quite difficult with some dogs. Her new family have a staffie, so we hope that Pebble will carry on being as well-behaved towards him as she was when they met yesterday. Don’t blow it, Pebble, this is your big chance!

black and white dog with big ears

Pebble – ADOPTED

Moira and I were chatting this morning about how some of the refuge long termers just need a chance to show how wonderful they are. This was prompted by this picture of Taser, who was getting his morning cuddle. This dog spent 5 years at the ScPA before finding a new home. How sad, thinking of all these wasted years! Admittedly he is making up for it now, but if only someone had taken this leap of faith years ago…..

Taser- spent five years at the ScPA before his adoption.

Dogs can surprise you; don’t write them off just because no one else has given them a second glance. There really are some hidden gems at the ScPA. Let us find you yours!


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