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Adoptions of Paco and Mulan…

When Paco arrived at the ScPA  in October it was his second stint with us. He had been adopted as an older pup but was returned due to divorce. He is certainly unique with a Sharpie head, a long body but short legs! He is a friendly, steady boy who is fine with other dogs so should be a perfect match for his new owner.

Paco adopted!

Next to leave was lovely Mulan, a yound female who had only been with us for about 3 weeks.

Mulan adopted!

They really are lucky as life is not great in winter for the dogs at the ScPA. Its heart breaking seeing then shivering in their kennels and even although we make sure they have clean, warm bedding, the reality is that they are still in cold concrete boxes.

So how can we make life just a little better for them? Well first of all we can ger them moving and as many as possible out on walks or in the exercise park. We are very careful that their water doesn’t ice over and some of then need a bit more food to help them fight the cold.

When its very cold dog coats really help and waterproof ones are best.

For some of our doggies it’s their third or fourth winter in kennels which is such a shame.

With the cold weather arriving, another reminder about the dangers of anti-freeze which can be extremely dangerous for our pets.

Anti-freeze contains the chemical Ethylene Glycol which dogs and cats find very palatable, as it tastes sweet. It is, in fact, extremely poisonous to them and can be lethal if ingested. Even a small amount can prove fatal, and it’s thought that walking through a spillage and then cleaning their paws could be enough to cause serious illness, or even death.

When filling up your car or de-icing your windows, be sure to mop up any spillages, and store it in a sealed, labelled container, out of your pets’ reach.

If you suspect your pet could be a victim of anti-freeze poisoning, it’s vital to seek veterinary help immediately.



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