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Adoption of Paddington and Arrival of Puppies!

Today saw the adoption of Paddington. He, you may remember, was adopted last year and abandoned two months or so ago as he was unhappy when his owner left him alone to go to work. Some dogs cope with being alone better than others, and time spent away is certainly something to consider when adopting a dog. However all that is in the past for Paddington now, as his new family will be home all the time! So finally this dog will have the life he craves.

In other news, we know that many people are on the hunt for puppies, and we have had a new delivery! All are related and are the litters of a female who has since, at our insistance, been sterilised. The little ones (three boys and four girls) are just two months old, and the gereration above (two boys and two girls) are eight months old. We know their heritage; they are border collie/beagle/French bulldog crosses; they are of medium size and absolutely wonderful looking dogs! Yes, eleven pups is a lot all at once, but these are all so gorgeous that we hope they will not have long to wait.

And yes, we are suitably annoyed with the person who let their dog breed in this irresposible manner, but now at least all the offspring will be sterilised, thus breaking the cycle. This would certainly not have been the case had the SPA not been there to help.

The very young puppies are able to leave immediately, and the adults will be sterilised early next week so will be able to leave from Tuesday onwards. Don’t forget that the SPA will be open on both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so if you have been after a puppy, now could be the perfect time!

Paddington – ADOPTED
Couple with chow mix











Four beautiful female pups

four pups looking out of a cage









And here is one of the (male) adults

border/beagle/ bulldog cross

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