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Adoption of Porto

Today has been grim. Just as the region goes onto amber alert for cold weather, eleven puppies are dumped at the SPA. The first, a litter of five, probably spent all night in the freezing exterior kennel (yes, freezing) and the others arrived in the afternoon. Let’s hope they all make it and that the people who are responsible get their comeuppance.

But moving onto more positive news (luckily there is some, or we would lose our minds), today saw the adoption of Porto. He is the oldest remaining of the Ste Eulalie dogs, and has gone to live with a supporter of the SPA. She contacted us yesterday looking for a small elderly female who could live with other animals. As Miss Marple was already spoken for, her eye fell on Rica. However, as Angelique explained, Rica is still young and extremely nervous on the lead. Whereas Porto is already 10 years old and much calmer on the lead as well as off.

So Porto’s time at the SPA is finally over, almost two years after his arrival. Make no mistake, dog hoarding brings misery both to the dogs and to the overburdened refuges who take in the largely unsocialised dogs. Porto has made progress while at the SPA, thanks to the staff and volunteers, particularly his sponsor mum Dominique. But there is still work to be done to help him regain his confidence.

Many thanks to his new mum for giving this boy a chance, and crucially as the temperature drops, a place in the warm.

small black dog with grey muzzle

Porto – ADOPTED after two years

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