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Adoption of puppy Crocs and socialising in the sun

Today saw the adoption of puppy Crocs, who as you will doubtless have guessed, is one of the shoes litter. He is an adorable little chap, and his new family fell under his charm as soon as they set eyes on him. They are good friends of one of the employees, so not only will we have lots of news, but there would be no shortage of advice should they need it. Many thanks to them and we are sure they will have lots of fun with their gorgeous new puppy.

That leaves a further four pups waiting for homes, and we hope they too will soon be leaving with their new families.

chocolate brown puppy


Today was even more fun than normal at the ScPA because the afternoon started with a bit of a gathering for the volunteers. Yes, sometimes it is nice to meet up all together, rather than to just chat in pairs or small groups whilst dog walking. Everyone contributed to a veritable smorgasbord of delicacies and time flew by as people mingled and chatted about all sorts of things. We don’t only have our love for animals in common, although that is what unites us.

Before we know what time it was, the refuge was opening its doors to the first visitors. Many of the volunteers stayed on for the afternoon, meaning that even more dogs than usual were walked on what turned out to be a sunny afternoon.

group of people chatting in the sun

Just some of the ScPA’s many volunteers. Why not come and join us?

There were a couple of reservations too, so there is good news on the way. Maybe as early as tomorrow!

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