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Adoption of puppy Diamant…

Well Darcey was right in yesterdays blog, we did have an adoption today!

Today puppy Diamant left with his new family. He hadn’t been with us long at all which is what we all hope for pups!


Puppy Diamant adopted!

When pups arrive, they are checked over by the vet and are of course identified and vaccinated. They do however need a second vaccination 3 weeks later. If you adopt a pup within this 3 week period you need to make sure you have the second vaccination done by your vet.

Vaccinations are a ‘hot topic’ at the moment with lots of people electing to not vaccinate after the puppy ones. That is fine but if you choose not to vaccinate please consider titre testing before making that decision. Parvo and distemper are common in France and having seen dogs with both I can tell you they are brutal illnesses which can be fatal!

Last year I decided to titre test my two older dogs. Neither had had any vaccinations except rabies for 3 years.  All this involves is a blood test done at your vets and a two week wait. Both of my dogs results showed a sufficient, in fact strong immunity to parvo, distemper and hepatitis, even after 3 years. That was pleasantly reassuring as it had been on my mind and I did wonder if I had done the right thing.

So after the puppy vaccinations which we feel are VERY important, please think about titre testing before deciding not to vaccinate. That way you know that your dog is not at risk. If you would like to see what titre results look like the click on the pdf link below.

lab AMS (1)


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