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Adoption of Puppy Jäina and Mycroft is reclaimed

Before the SPA had even opened today we already had two pieces of good news.  First of all one of the dogs who arrived on Sunday (one of the weekend’s famous 12 dogs) was reunited with his owner. Funnily enough it was an announcement on the “Lost” pages of chien-perdu that caught the eye of a volunteer, whereas photos of the dog have been in the “Found” section of the same website since Saturday night, thanks to the Hartley family, to whom Jawa had been delivered by a woman who thought he was their own dog, Gretta!

In any case, Jawa (or Mycroft as we called him at the SPA) has been reunited with his owner, just a bit later than would have been the case otherwise. Jawa has a Serbian microchip, which is not on the French database, and this is something to be aware of if your dog is “foreign”!

Then just a couple of hours later, puppy Jäina left for her new home. She arrived ten days ago and had the good fortune to go into foster with Isa and her family (and dogs). This gave this young pup the best possible start in life (well, the best possible life for an unwanted pup). Jäina is a real cutie and we are delighted that she has found a home so quickly. It has freed up a valued place in foster for another pup, too 😀 . Many thanks yet again to Isa and her family.

Puppy Sherlock has also left for a foster home, and they plan to adopt him assuming he is not reclaimed, so fingers crossed for him (and his foster family too!) More of this in a future blog!

As for Jäina , her new family, they have horses and lots of land and 2 cats. So a wonderful life awaits!


puppy being held by her owner









Mycroft (Jawa)- RECLAIMED

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